Returns and Refunds accepts returns of products within 100 days after the order is delivered.

How to return or exchange a product

Write to [email protected] to request return authorization. In the message, please indicate specifically which items you want to return or exchange.

You can also contact us through chat.

We remember that the exchanges and returns are FREE.

Return procedures are processed directly through the system in this order:

  1. Return acceptance request.
  2. Approval of the request and issuance of the return acceptance email.
  3. Shipping of the product to be returned together with the confirmation email.
  4. Receive the package in our logistics.
  5. Confirmation of receipt of the return according to the request.
  6. Issuance of a valid proof of purchase for purchases on our website, or refund and credit note issued in the customer's name.


If you have made a return, the refund will be made within ten working days from the date the package is sent to the transport service.

When we receive the product or products that you want to return in our warehouse, we will send you a confirmation email.

Have you paid in cash upon receipt of the package?

During the online return procedure you can choose the refund method you prefer: credit note or bank transfer.

Have you paid by credit card?

In this case, the refund will be made to the same card or associated checking account. It may happen that in the bank statement the date of the refund coincides with the date of purchase.

Have you paid with Paypal?

You will receive the amount corresponding to the item or items you want to return in your same PayPal account with which you made the purchase.

How to book a new pickup
You can book a new pickup at home by contacting the transport service directly.

If the product is defective
If an item is defective, you can request a claim.

How to cancel a return
If, after having carried out the return procedure in your user account, you decide to keep the merchandise, you will not have to pay for having requested the service.

100 days for returns
You have 100 days to decide whether to return or keep what you have bought.

Return without the original box or label
To ensure that there are no problems during the return, the item must be with the label on and be in perfect condition.

If the package you have received is damaged
If the courier has delivered a damaged package, but the items are intact, you can use another box in case you want to make a return.

Changing an item
It is not possible to change the items you have ordered, but you can return them for free and, if you wish, request new ones.

The IBAN and the BIC / SWIFT code are two bank details that we need to know in case we have to make a refund by bank transfer.

Returning other items within the same order
If after making a return you want to request another return for one or more items included in the same order, you can always do so taking into account the limit of 100 days from delivery.

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